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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passport Canada is funny !!!!

So my passport expired in february and I was feeling kind of trapped like if I wanted to go to Tunisia on whim I couldn't!

So I filled out the form, went to get my new hijab-clad picture and sent in the funds to get it renewed.

I might add that previously i was not hijabi and now I am (4 years can do alot to a person- Hamduleh!)

SO ... I knew it would totally be some kind of controversy I was bracing myself for it, cuz i heard horror stories all over the world but I was still surprised when I got a call from passport canada at work the other day:

PC : Hello, this is passport canada, may I speak with Tania *******?

Me: Hi passport canada, I'm Tania.

PC: HaHa , ok so this is you in the picture. What is the SPECIFIC reason you are wearing the cap,bonnet, scarf on your head.

Me: Ohhh that, well for religious reasons.

PC: What religion?

Me: Islam. I am muslim, 4 years is a long time since you guys last saw me.

PC: *giggle* (weird dude) Ok we were just checking.

Me: No problem Big brother, so when am I getting my passport?

PC: In two weeks.

Me: Thank you!

Anyways might be dry on paper but the situation was humourous.