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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passport Canada is funny !!!!

So my passport expired in february and I was feeling kind of trapped like if I wanted to go to Tunisia on whim I couldn't!

So I filled out the form, went to get my new hijab-clad picture and sent in the funds to get it renewed.

I might add that previously i was not hijabi and now I am (4 years can do alot to a person- Hamduleh!)

SO ... I knew it would totally be some kind of controversy I was bracing myself for it, cuz i heard horror stories all over the world but I was still surprised when I got a call from passport canada at work the other day:

PC : Hello, this is passport canada, may I speak with Tania *******?

Me: Hi passport canada, I'm Tania.

PC: HaHa , ok so this is you in the picture. What is the SPECIFIC reason you are wearing the cap,bonnet, scarf on your head.

Me: Ohhh that, well for religious reasons.

PC: What religion?

Me: Islam. I am muslim, 4 years is a long time since you guys last saw me.

PC: *giggle* (weird dude) Ok we were just checking.

Me: No problem Big brother, so when am I getting my passport?

PC: In two weeks.

Me: Thank you!

Anyways might be dry on paper but the situation was humourous.

Monday, August 24, 2009

We're having a....Please vote for a name!

Baby Girl, MashAllah!!

So now poeple vote on the name!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm doing some blog surfing when I'm supposed to be working and half of them need invites!! So please sisters if you have invite only blogs (espescially the ones on All Muslimah , figure out a way so that we can request an invite?

i dunno just a thought.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOW.. I'm back !

Salem Aleikom!

So yes it has been a long time and I know I have neglected my little humble blog, BUT inshAllah I have big plans for this place! wich includes more recipes (deserts such as backlava and makrout!) , more meal ideas for Ramadan and some scrapbooking tips and braggin for my new pregnancy album as well as my nursery decorations. Thats right I'm preggers, Al Hamduleh! and my mother-in-law is visiting for the birth in the dead of canadian winter - poor little lady may Allah bless her soul.

Currently 20 weeks and what a journey. This is my first pregnancy and never hamduleh had any miscarriages etc.

At 5 weeks I went to the emergency since I was cramping badly and thought it was ectopic (when the egg is in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus). They took some blood and said to come in the next day since no ultrasound technicians were in this late. The doctor tells me she's concerned since my white blood cell count is high.

So the following day I return and get an ultrasound - with sad news - no heart beat. The technician and doctor told me doesn't look good but it still a little too early. So after the ultra sound I visit the doctor and he tells me we'll do another ultrasound and not to worry white blood count cells are supposed to be high when your pregnant....

5 days later, at almost 6 weeks, still no heartbeat and now the technician goes as far as saying no fetal pole (it's the spinal cord) and that I will probably miscarry and a D/C (abortion type procedure) is best since I won't get to attached.

So I had already made an appointment with my family/ob-gyn doctor at 10 weeks. After reading so many stories on misdiagnosed miscarriages, I figured my body knows what to do and I will miscarry naturally.

At 10 weeks I see my doctor (not the emergency staff one) and she is worried we still haven't figured out whats going on, she tried to listen for a heartbeat but to no avail. She sends me for blood work to compare my hcg hormone level (since no one else thought to do it). The following day I cornered some poor resident to give me my results or there will be one crazy lady lol and I will take away her parking (I happen to work at the hospital and take care of residents and employee parking). She gives me the results but says she cant explain them : On May 9th my hcg was 13 062 IU/L and on june 12th 14 166 IU/L. So my hormones are increasing wich is very typical in normal pregnancies, my doctor calls me and she is so confused now so she sends me for an emergency ultrasound... and there was my baby... subhan'Allah. I have never felt my heart jump like that since I met my husband. The baby was moving and waving and the technician was so surprised she told me its not often we see this.

So now the journey is half way there, and no matter what happens I am gratefull to Allah subhana wa't'aala for having seen my baby at least alive.

Inshallah we will find out the baby's sex on friday, but no matter what this is my miracle baby and by Allah's grace and mercy i am a mother.