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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aslema and all things Tunisian

First time blogger, so be nice?

Ok so as human beings we tend to gravitate towards others. Now I used to be on scrapbooking forums, photography forums, Islamic forums etc. But I realised I fit into these "groups" individually, but as a whole why can't I be part of the "Italian-born-scrapbooker-married-to-a-Tunisian-convert-living-in-Montreal" group. Well you guessed it, there wasn't any on yahoo.groups that's for sure.

So here it is, I want to blog and also get to know others like me! Sure there are some sisters out there who

a. feel lonely because Eid in a non-Islamic country can be (especially if your husbands family is abroad)

b. has a crafty side, whether it be scrapbooking, photography, etc.

c. As a convert dealing with the "they brain-washed you" syndrome.

d. loves Tunisian culture or wherever your husbands from?

e. as a married woman (I'm 22) dealing with your old friends who just don't fit in with your new lifestyle (as fulfilling as it might be)

Not bad for a first post?

Beslema and may Allah bless you

P.S. I bet you're wondering about the Blog name? Well Harissa is a pepper paste that is very much Tunisian and well I love Mint (I love the color, the taste and I think it represents me, always refreshing, honest, and clean). Kinda symbolizes me and my husband.


The Yarn Whisperer said...

Assalamu alaikum, Tania! VERY cool blog! The colors, graphics etc really rock! Congrats!
Wow, I didnt realize you are so young, :o) Most women your age are not into cooking and crafting, I think its great you are/do. I'm a knitter, crocheter and embroiderer. I simply love learning new crafts and needlarts.
My father's family is Italian (hence the last name Ribis) but like 3rd generation. From what I understand, my forefathers came after WWII. So, sadly, I don't speak Italian, and neither does my father. His father did though. My father's mother was British too. I tell people I'm partly from almost every major European country, LOL. Anyway, beautiful blog again and hope to see more of you on the board!

Tania said...

Waleikom Salem Safiyah!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment.

That is too cute that your part "paysan" (meeaning from same country)!

But MashAllah you speak Arabic, Im jealous!!lol ciao bella!

UmmLayla said...


Yea, I can relate to all of the things you listed...

a)Uhhhh, life in general is lonely in the extremely no-Islamic environment I live in:P

b)Crafty, girl... Call it what it is: artistic (as my brother who actually IS an artist tells me about my stuff all the time!LOL). And yes I am, in as many different mediums as I can muster.

c)Uhhhh, yea to the brain-washing thingi... Unfortunate. And here I thought Canada was a little more progressive;)

d)I loved Egypt before I even knew my DH. I never thought about it when I converted... I actually was thinking I would either marry someone from the gulf area or another convert. Just don't tell him I married him for his country!LOL ;) ;)

e)It seems like we all go through this problem as we reach different phases. Trust me, you will find married friends and then they will fall off as you have kids or something and you will find new ones. A real friend who sticks with you through life is a rare gem:)

American Muslima Writer said...

I'm so happy for your conversion to ISLAM MASHA"ALLAH!!!
I just read you're only 2 months old! Woo Hoo nothing like sins being erased to give you a new lease on life! DOn't worry about the friends and brain-washing thing we all have to go thrugh it and learn our own way to live. Just follow the rules of Allah and the Sunnah and Allah will bless your life with what it needs. (and insha'Allah your trials wont be too difficult :) ) I'm linking you now to my blog :) And i love the name. By the way i liked mint until i got to lebanon and they eat it in everything so fresh mint is out for me and only dried crumbled mint is in. I used to think mint was like spearmint...heh. ANywas. Cool blog and I hope to see more cool ting about your life. SOrry that your husband has gone for a while :( (gives you time to do stuff though while you wait!)
-Here's a big tip, do everything you want to do NOW before you have kids because they suck "me time" out of your life hehehe. I used to do so much art things but now NO TIME. Assalamu ALikum!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I am married to a Fantastic Canadian guy for 38 years with two lovely sons and their partners and one Gorgeous Grandson. Am going to Tunisia for the 14th time since we came back to live in the UK. We shall meet and travel with our Tunisian friend and spend some more precious time with her and her family Insh`alla.
Wanted to say your blog is brilliant I am so pleased to have found it again.
Yes I learnt so many crafts and can cook just about anything after living in the Okanagan Valley for 20years and growing fruit and groundcrops but now look forward so much to my time in Sousse etc. Love Tunisia and The People.

iMuslimah said...

I heart your blog! I am going to visit regularly. I just found the rest of your recipes! Do you ever put chicken in your Brik? It tastes yummy.

My husband is from the south, where is yours from?